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"Shamrock Paw" and "Heart Paw" stitched by Sharona in AZ. As you'll see in the following pics, Sharona stitched *all* the paw designs from my Kitty Moon series, including the two free paw designs! I think she did a wonderful job stitching and finishing them into the paw shapes!

"Patriotic Paw" and "Pumpkin Paw" stitched by Sharona. I think her use of coordinating ribbon hangers for each of the paws is a great idea!


"Stars 'N Stripes Kitty Moon" stitched by Tracy in Arizona. Tracy stitched him on a lovely hand dyed fabric
and finished him as a hanging tuck ornament. I love how the stars in the fabric match the star button at the end of his hat! Wonderful job!


"Valentine Kitty Moon", another great finish by Tracy in Arizona! Tracy used a pretty flower bead for the tip of his hat, which I think is really nice personal touch! I also this the pillow fabric compliments the design beautifully.

"Easter Paw" and "Spring Paw" stitched by Sharona.
I love how she stitched them all as a matching set on the same fabric and with the same sparkly trim!
Just adorable!


"Santa Paw" and "Christmas Paw" stitched by Sharona.
More lovely paw finishes! Sharona told me stitched them as part of a SAL to keep her motivated to finish them all.


"Halloween Kitty Moon" also stitched by Tracy in Arizona. Tracy used a lovely Halloween fabric to finish this as a hanging tuck ornament. It matches perfectly!



"Woof Spoken Here" stitched by Linda. I love the way she finished it, the fabrics she chose match the design beautifully! I have a habit of finishing pet-themed designs with pet-themed fabrics, but Linda's finish shows that you don't always have to rely on novelty or similarly themed fabrics for your projects!




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